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Athletics Performance Training

Athletics Performance Training

This is our 6th year having these off season classes. They have been a huge part of our teams success over that time. The program will address speed and power through plyometrics and body weight exercises. These classes are track and field based, but will improve overall athleticism for any sport and will strengthen balance, coordination, core strength and speed. 

This is a 12 week winter program with classes beginning October 2nd and ending December 21st.  The class schedule is located on our calendar under the title “Athletics Performance.”  Kids can come to whatever classes work for them each week depending on if they are once or twice a week.  There will be weekend class options to be announced as well.  

You can also use these sessions as a “punch card”.  For example, if you play basketball but want to participate in the last 6 weeks of the program you can purchase the appropriate number of sessions.  Then sign up for the dates you can attend. ALL SESSIONS EXPIRE DECEMBER 21.


High Jump Classes

The Wolves High Jumpers had great success last season all year and especially at the regional and national meets with over a dozen earning All-American honors.  We are excited to get back to work for next season!

Our High Jump lessons will begin the week of October 2nd. We are doing this differently this year.  We will have just 3 kids at each session.  I’ve also added video and some other tools to help us get better.  You can find the schedule, register and purchase for your session at the link below.

Throws Classes