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Preseason Strength and Conditioning Program

We are very excited this season to have a facility to do a preseason strength and conditioning program.  With only 3 weeks of outdoor practice before our first meet it is hard to get the proper strength and flexibility work in without taking away from the actual running, jumping and throwing work that is so important.  

The program will address speed and power through plyometrics and body weight exercises.  We will also work on core strength and flexibility, something all of our athletes need.  All of these combined will help to reduce injuries during the season and improve our overall performances.

I will have multiple session times available each week so there is flexibility for kids with busy schedules.  We will be starting January 15 and running through March 31.  Our standard schedule will be as follows:

 Tuesdays 7:00pm     Thursdays 7:00pm     Saturdays 9:00am       

Sundays 11:00am

I will be adding more sessions as times open up...There will be no shortage of times for the kids to come and get a good workout.

The program is 11 weeks long and the kids can attend up to 3 sessions per week.  33 sessions and the cost is $150.  This is only open to kids who are registered with WOTC for the 2019 season. Click the link to claim your spot as this will fill up.  You will receive all the details in an email after the first of the year.  Please contact Jeff if you have any questions.