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Club Philosphy

Guiding Values for the Club


§  We Want to Make Track and Field Fun.

We seek to cultivate among our athletes a lifetime love of track and field—and a healthy lifestyle, more generally.  We expect our athletes to work hard to improve, but we never want to push them so hard as to risk injury or to cause them to lose interest in the sport.


§  We Take a Long-Term Growth Perspective.

We want our athletes to be at their best at the biggest meets, but we favor a slow, steady, long-term growth perspective.  For those who continue to compete, we hope to see our athletes show improvement in middle school, high school, college, and beyond.


§  We Care for Our Athletes as Individuals.

Since each of our athletes come to us at a different point in their lifetime journey, it doesn’t make sense that all of them will follow an identical, inflexible training plan.  As needed, we will adjust our approach for our athletes based on factors like age, fitness, and experience.


§  We See Our Athletes as Whole People.

We see our athletes as more than just a track and field participant.  While we hope to grow our athletes’ commitment to the sport, we encourage them to try many sports, hobbies, and activities.  We want to foster the development of well-rounded young people.


§  We Want Our Athletes to Care for Others.

Being a Wolf means being a member of a pack.  We aim to build a family culture in which our athletes feel an authentic connection to their coaches, teammates, and their teammates’ families.  We root for our teammates to do and be their best—always!


§  We Embrace the Struggle to Overcome Obstacles.

Being a Wolf also means that we value perseverance and grit.  Track and field is challenging and comes with many ups and downs.  Sometimes we don’t feel our best in a workout or at a meet.  But we always strive to give our best effort, even when it’s hard.


§  Finally, We Use a 3 T’s Model Approach to Coaching:


Teach!  We will teach our athletes the correct techniques for running, jumping, and throwing—including teaching them the rules of their events.


Train!    We will train our athletes to use these techniques in competition, combined with abiding by the rules and showing good sportsmanship.


Toot!    We will toot our athletes’ horns.  While we push our athletes to excel, the energy and vibe around practices and meets will be filled with praise and positive feedback.